E-learning Basic Safety VCA (without exam)

Practical training for operational personnel
and their immediate supervisors
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E-learning Basic Safety VCA (without exam)

Basic Safety VCA (VCA-B) is a practical training and this is the e-learning module from the VCA course. The e-learning is suitable for employees of contractors and subcontractors who have knowledge and experience in health and safety legislation. This course does NOT include an exam.  An pre-education is not required.


The ultimate goal of the B-VCA course is to give people knowledge about safe working. By increasing awareness of risks at work and safe working , less accidents eventually happen.  

Content training

During this course particpants learn what they need to know about:

  • leglislation
  • risk of accident
  • hazardous substances
  • fire hazard
  • explosion hazard 
  • working in confined spaces
  • common working safely
  • working safely with electricity
  • safe working with tools
  • safe working with hoist and forklifts 
  • safe working at heights
  • liften, tripping, slipping and falling
  • personal protective equipement

Diploma / Certificate 

There is no exam in this course and NO diploma issued.


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Various training funds reimburse training costs, for potential opportunities please contact SAIO.  

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Duration course: N/A

Location: Quarantaineweg 98
Harbour no.: 2620 3089 KP Rotterdam

Validity: N/A

Price p.p.: € 99,00 (excl. VAT)