Offshore training

SAIO On-offshore trainingen VCA, EHBO, BHV cursussen, opleidingen oa B-VCA, VOL VCA, heftruckchauffeur, VCA examens en offshore & maritieme trainingen
Practical training for operational personnel
and their immediate supervisors
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SAIO Safety Training
STC-KNRM Offshore

Quarantaineweg 98
3089 KP Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 10 204 22 55

Offshore Training

STC-KNRM is Opito and Nogepa approved and OLF accepted. That means that with a PSL that is stamped by us, you have acceess to Rigs in all parts of the World. Furthermore we are proud of the state of the art training center that we have to provide your safety training.

We will help you fast and skillful with the whole package: travel, hotel, medical, training course and when needed we can even provide you with the right contacts to find the ideal position in the Offshore Oil & gas sector.Challenge us: +31 10 204 22 55 (Phone, ask for Derk Dubbeld) or e-mail to .

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